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Our Projects

Right-way Trail Systems is proud to have our products used on different types of trails from coast to coast. Select a project gallery to view photos from many of our past projects. 


Demo Videos

Watch our product demo videos

Onsite demos of Right-way Trail Systems Eco-Stabilizer™ product in use 

Bridge Project

Bridge Repair Project

Cross that bridge safely with our Eco-Stabilizer™ products in place

Damage from traffic on the trail leading up to a bridge resulted in deep ruts, mud and pooling water. Right-way Trail Systems to the resuce!

Snowmobile Trail Project

Snowmobile Trail Project

Our user-friendly Eco-Stabilizer™ product is used in a variety of applications, including snowmobile trails

Many years ago a snowmobile trail actually used to go through the swampy area in the photos below. That portion of the trail was shut down because it was slow to freeze early in the season and consistently caused problems with groomers and sleds due to mud. A bypass road was built at considerable expense of time, money and effort to avoid the muddy area. The pictures below show a 10,000+ lbs. trail groomer on our product in a swampy area. This shows the tremendous strength and flexibility of our product with large loads on it.


For this installation, the Eco-stabilizers are positioned with the large cell side up. In swampy areas, typically you want the large cell side down and smoother side up. Having the large cell side down allows the product to sink into the mud a little bit more as each cell acts as a "suction" cup to lock the entire mat into place. We needed to winch the mat out of the swampy area when we were done since this was a demonstration. Having the large cell side up allowed us to perform this task easier. The strength and load distribution abilities of the product are the same regardless of which side is up.